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Rules that governs the relationship between the Company and Vision Ltd Ace island or the "Company" and surfers at www.wise-seo.co.il , the "Site" and subject to the rules of this code.

Use and / or entering the site and / or using the services on "school here" expresses and you agree to the terms of these regulations. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, in whole or in part, you may use this site and / or the Services for any purpose. Company Vision Ace island or Ltd reserves the right to update the Terms of Use from time to time, in its sole discretion and without giving any prior notice and conditions are binding upon their publication on the site.

Intellectual property
Copyright and intellectual property rights on "school here" is a member of the Vision Ace island or Ltd or third parties, the Company granted permission to use the Site and such services. Including, and not limited generality of the foregoing, the Company is the sole owner names and trademarks of the site , patents and samples of the site, whether they are registered or not registered, the trade secrets involved in operating the site and providing the services, website design, information technology involved in its operation, including but not limited to, software, applications, files, graphics and other computer codes, texts and / or any other material contained therein (hereinafter - "the Information"). you may not copy, distribute, reproduce, publicly display, or disclose to third parties the information and / or any part thereof. not modify, publish, transmit, transfer, sell, distribute or use any commercial information and / or any part thereof, except with prior written permission from the Company.

Limitation of Liability
The Company does not guarantee that the services will not be disrupted without interruption, function safely and without error, and will be immune from unauthorized access to company computers or to damage, malfunctions or failures in hardware, software, communication lines and systems, with the Company any of its suppliers and / or on its behalf. Provision of services by the Company depends, among other things, on third parties and Company is not responsible for any actions or omissions of third parties and will not be liable for any damage and / or loss and / or loss and / or expense incurred by a user and / or any third party and / or in connection with any act or omission. society is not responsible for the availability of services and / or content, format, reliability, credibility and accuracy of the contents of the wrap as defined above these rules, including not responsible for any infringement or violation of any intellectual property rights, including trademarks and trade secrets in connection with the contents spilling or in connection with any other use of the wrap on the company and the services offered and included in it. like other content appearing on the Internet, are also exposed to user content viewing and use by each user on the network, and the company is not responsible to their security and / or any damage and / or loss and / or loss and / or expense incurred by a user and / or any third party as a result. society does not control does not control and is not responsible for information and / or services provided and / or posted by others and / or through, whether directly or indirectly, including the services and content sites of others to a link (Links) from the company's website. Any reliance by sliding on any content, information, advertisements, products, ideas and attitudes displayed or advertised on sites it is possible to reference such , including information, content, views and opinions presented or published there, done at the discretion of sliding and exclusive responsibility. Company is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential and / or Ainzidntali, inability to use, loss of data and / or loss of profits resulting from the use of the Services and / or any information, content, services or products on the company website and / or accessed through the company's website, even if an active control the content posted on the site or can be accessed or viewed by site, and if found her about the possibility of such damage, caused to a user and / or any third party in relation to the Company and / or services, for them, the inability to use, cancellation, limitation or interruption. was now trying its own goodwill ex-gratia, to help solve a problem and / or contacting a user, this assistance shall not be construed in any way as imposing any liability on the company.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Laws of the State of Israel will apply to these regulations and all derived from it or related to it, the regulations shall be construed accordingly, any dispute or legal question relating to it shall be authoritative judicial system in Haifa.

Representations and Warranties spilling
In addition, and without limiting the generality of this code, declares all spills and undertakes to the Company as follows:
-Do not use content containing threatening nature, profane, racist, or offensive, or pornographic or sexually explicit or may offend public sensibilities; -Do not use offensive or vulgar language, that may offend or harm other surfers Forum;
-No matter upload an - invalid, or material that encourages, supports, aids, provides instructions or guides for performing an act which constitutes a criminal offense under the laws of the State of Israel;
-Not contain any material which constitutes defamation of a person;
-Not contain any material publication is prohibited by any law;
-Not incite racism, hurting another human being, murder or a criminal offense;
-Do not post personal information of other users and / or phone number;
-Do not make commercial advertising through forums on the site.
-Do not use the services of the site to perform an act or action prohibited by any law;
-Use the Services in accordance with the regulations, provisions of the law and subject to the operating and instructions to be given to her from time to time by the Company.
-Not penetrate the material and / or computer files illegally and / or move computer software, computer code or application containing a virus - computer ("virus"), including software - hostility known as a horse - Trojan, Worms (Worms), and Andlim (vandals) harmful applications Malicious Applications)), etc., to other computers and / or use or interfere with other computers illegally computers - 1995;
-Do not send e-mail to receive complaints alarm;
-Does not include any material that may mislead the consumer, as defined in the Consumer Protection Act - 1981;

Surf behave contrary to what his obligations as described above - the attitude, the contents raised - are removed, and the Company may block it and prevent it to browse the site and use services through it.